Sihanoukville – The cheapest party town in Asia

Sihanoukville…. Cambodia’s backpacker party destination… I may go as far as to say South East Asia’s top party destination… Well it is certainly the cheapest… Time it correctly and you can party hard for $5 a night or less.



I say dollars since this is the commonly used currency in Cambodia… Expect to pay $3 a night for a dorm, about $2 for a meal and for alcohol, well…. Utopia, home of the $0.50 beer, this is the perfect warm up bar.  Just follow the promo staff scattered down the main road to the beach all giving out flyers for free drinks at all the main bars… Nap house, Serendip, Dolphins and JJs.

Sihanoukville is a province in the south-west of Cambodia at the Gulf of Thailand. Surrounded by white-sand beaches and undeveloped tropical islands, Sihanoukville is the place backpackers come to party.

We arrived about lunch time at our hostel, Led Zephyr… Dumped our bags and got talked into getting on a booze cruise… I was so tired but not wanting to let Essex down I put my bikini on and grabbed a whiskey, redbull and coke… My standard Cambodian tipple ! sihanoukville party

Booze cruising or chilling on the beach during the day to recover from partying until 5am the night before… This is where backpackers head to party. Everybody is so friendly in Cambodia, it is like a less commercialised version of Thailand… I have to say it though, Cambodian cuisine isn’t as good as epic Thai food… although less spicy for all you wimps out there.

The tuk tuk drivers will try and sell you drugs and prostitutes but most are accepting if you just say no and keep walking, there is no need to be rude.

If you feel the need to get out of the heat, try one of the cinema rooms at Top Cats cinema… Comfy rooms for two or groups, you can chill in the aircon while watching practically any film you can think of.

Serendipity beach is the place to stay for the parties or if you are looking for something a bit quieter try Otres beach a short tuk tuk ride away.

ser The choice of restaurants is  amazing… from the amazing  kebab restaurant half way up  the street on the left to amazing  deserts and chicken burgers at  Mad Monkey hostel, Pizza,  Indian, fish and chips, BBQs on  the beach… you name it , Sihanoukville has it. Be careful  though as EVERYBODY I met had a dodgy stomach at one point in this place… When I say dodgy I mean laying on the floor crying for my mum dodgy… Was it we drank too much? Was it the food? Was it just from partying too hard? Who knows… Do not let it put you off though… I LOVE this place.

So far the only downside to Cambodia I found was the lack of toiletry products… You can take the girl out of Essex, I may not need my fake tan out here but I need conditioner and moisturizer and princess alert I don’t like the cheap nasty stuff !!! Word of advice girls… Bring the products you need from Thailand or wherever you come from before… Cheap soap just isn’t going to get you clean after a night full of what Sihanoukville has to offer.

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Smith October 8, 2015 at 8:34 am

I’m planning go to Cambodia next month. Sihanoukville is great place. Thanks for your helpful infor


sallymunt sallymunt October 13, 2015 at 8:21 pm

Koh Rong is one of my favourite places EVER!


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