Koh Rong Samloem – Camping on the deserted island paradise

Four kilometers south of Koh Rong is the island of Koh Rong Samloem. This island is around 9 kilometers long, 4 kilometers wide and 1 kilometer wide at its narrowest point. It really  is an untouched piece of paradise. There is no wifi and the generator is only switched on at certain times of the day.

koh rong samloem, camping

We spent 3 nights camping on the beach, the view and atmosphere were amazing… The sand in the bed was not ! You can book a place to stay from Serendipity or there are plenty there when you get dropped off by long boat on the beach.

koh rong samloem With only one shop on the island we happened to be right at the other end. We  trekked all the way down the beach for  drinks and snacks and spent our first  night by a campfire. The second night  there was a mini full moon party where  people from Koh Rong and  Sihanoukville are boated over for the  night… Don’t get me wrong this isnt Koh  Phangan party standard but it’s  definitely worth the visit.

On the way to the party I was suddenly hit by a familiar smell… The smell of the stables… We look up the beach and about 10 foot from us is a heard of massive water buffalo, now water buffalo don’t look like the friendliest creatures… think of a heard of Gruffalo… just keep walking slowly on your way… being stampeded doesn’t make for a good story to tell. Taking a picture with a flash will result in a stampeded of screaming girls and a loss of flip flops.

Places like this and hanging out with cool people like these really are the reason I  travel. I would have never met these  people in the real world but now they  are some of my best friends !


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