4 things i will miss while im backpacking… Plus a few i wont !!!

So it has been 8 months since I returned from my last trip. Although it has been a great summer here in England, I cannot wait to get on that plane… One way to Bangkok and then… Well who knows!

There are a few things I will miss about Essex. Probably not the fake eyelashes and fake tan. But as everyone who has backpacked  knows, no matter what amazing places you see and what new country you have chosen to live in, there are always those special things that you can only get at home.

Here are my special things… the top 4 things I will miss… And a few I won’t…


Cheesey I know but at home I can pick up the phone and have someone there within minutes to laugh, cry, gym, veg out and eat with or even just have a random rant about my day with.


The friends that come over to hang out and we just take a nap or don’t even talk just stare at the TV. Or in my case the people that don’t mind getting covered in cat hair and there being only chocolate, bacon and a jar of jalapeños in the fridge.

crew However, with Facetime,  Skype, Facebook and  Whatsapp we can still have  our random conversations,  it’s not quite the same and    the time difference makes
it’s a bit harder, but it makes  my life a lot happier with  them still there.

How did people survive before phones with internet access ? I love the person that invented WIFI.


(Not together, just to make that clear)

You may be able to get these things in other countries but not the good stuff.  I need Galaxy and Cadbury caramel as my standard daily breakfast… I need bacon1sugar to start my day or I’m cranky.

Also you just can’t get decent bacon in Asia… In fact ‘English bacon’ has been known to turn many vegetarians in meat lovers. Nothing cures a hangover like a bacon roll swimming in butter… The health freak in me is having a fit right now but nowhere does bacon like the UK… Oh and maybe Denmark.


Yes I am animal mad. Always have been and always will be. I can’t leave an animal shelter empty handed and I dare not watch Marley and Me or War Horse… It’s my idea of a horror movie !!! Two cats, two dogs and two ponies,elephant who are all happily being fattened up by mum for the winter.

Yes you get animals in other countries and the diversity is amazing. Getting to
touch and feed elephants and Monkeys, but I cant let them sleep on my bed or give them cuddles.

The level of strays in SE Asia breaks my heart. I’m going to be helping out at some animal shelters while I’m away. My mum is happy with this as she knows I can’t bring them home… or so she thinks…


I don’t like wearing shoes and socks… in the comfort of my lounge this is fine, on a beach this is fine, but when you are away for a long period of time the beach, dirt roads and hard, non-carpeted hostel floors take their toll. By the time you have walked from the shower to your bed your feet are too sandy / dirty to moisturise and I LOVE to moisturise.

You can get super cheap pedicures in Asia but by the time you have walked in flip flops for 10 minutes its ruined.

Now for a few things I’m not going to miss…


So eight months in England… I knew it wouldn’t be forever and I had lots to keep me occupied… Family, friends, ponies, mini trips and French boy so I didn’t really have much to complain about, some people on the other hand… I’m not ranting about them complaining or stressing and I hate to preach but why don’t they do something about it. A lot of them have really good jobs, but they hate it.

My 7 months in the call centre this summer wasn’t my idea of a party but the people were nice and it was an easy commute. The money allowed me to live and save a bit but I certainly could not have done it for the rest of my life. It upsets me that people feel like they have to stay in jobs they dislike and conform to the norms of society when it’s not making them happy. Maybe one day my stories annoy (inspire) them enough to do something that makes them happy.


£14.10 for three vodka and lemonades… I nearly spat my drink at the barman in disgust. Having to spend £15 on a single course meal out… That would last me two days in Asia. Now I have never been a girl that spends hundreds on handbags and shoes but in by job before I went away I earned a god amount of money and after six years I was used to being able to buy things when I wanted them.
Money Travelling has made me realise that    money does not make you happy. Now I  just look at people’s expensive hand bags  and thing of the plane or festival ticket    they could have bought with it

I read somewhere that nobody lays  on  their death bed wishing they had worked more… Even just writing this is making me smile at how true it is. I don’t need to work at a job I hate for a new car or a new TV. Those things will not make me happy… The memories and friends I have made and experiences I have had will.


As if this one could escape… Being the penny saver that I am and trying to scrape together as much as i can for my trip, I’m sitting here refusing to put the heating on and boy is it cold.

English weather is horrid. Yes, its true, England can have some nice days but the majority of the time you have to pack a coat and an umbrella. I’m not a sun worshiper and laying tanning for more than 20 minutes bores me but I like to be outside and when it is cold, dark and raining, nobody wants to come out and play with me.


Last night at 1am, I turned the TV off and got into bed. It was quiet. Too Quiet. Eerily silent even. I didn’t like it. I can sleep anywhere now, buses, planes, airport floors, beaches… Anywhere… Apart from a nice comfy room that is deadly silent apparently. I thought I would miss my comfy bed but I didn’t once wish I was home in my own bed a bunk in a dorm will do just fine thank you.

Another thing I don’t miss is the regime… The looking forward to the weekend, that Friday feeling. Why can we only have that feeling on a Friday ? Why can’t we have a party on a Monday night ? Why do we have to get up at 7am and go to bed at 10pm. I don’t want to look forward to Friday and loath Sunday night… I want it all to be fun.

There are so many other things I thought I would miss but I didn’t think twice about like hot showers, Meh they are so overrated. In all honesty there are lots of little things I will miss but lets face it, its definitely worth the sacrifice.



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Eliza December 13, 2014 at 6:01 pm

Nice article. I think what I miss most about home (after travelling for six months) are the little conveniences, like my spice cabinet!

Just like you said I don’t miss the routine at home at all… I’m dreading returning to it. Actually, I used to frequently go for runs around the huge cemetery near my old house and that’s weirdly probably the only routine I miss.


sallymunt December 14, 2014 at 6:55 pm

Thank you. Yes I definitely miss running and the gym. Wish I could make it a routine while away.


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