How to stay healthy and in shape while traveling

So having spent six years working in a gym and being very health and body conscious, how do I travel and party without falling apart and looking a complete mess? I found it so easy to stay healthy and in shape while away.

It’s a no brainer, Drink loads of water. It’s good for all your vital organs especially your skin. Best hangover cure ever !

Vitamin: I always take vitamin C tablets and a woman’s multivitamin wherever I go.

Moisturize:  I panic when my coco butter gets low and you can’t beat a good factor 30 sun protection, especially for your face.

I’m not going to say always take your make up off because that would be so hypocritical. Instead wear as little as possible and with as many natural ingredients as possible. I use a BB cream when needed instead of a foundation and Bare Minerals powder as not only is it natural minerals it also has SPF 15 in it. Day time is a no makeup zone… A scary though for some people but with a tan you are laughing.

I didn’t blowdry or straighten my hair at all… too much to carry and after a month my hair was in such good condition. I intensively moisturized it once a week and washed it ever other day and it became so low maintenance.

Never underestimate lip gloss and nail varnish, I feel like a scruff without these simple things. My nails grow like crazy when I’m away from horses so I always take a nail file, some Rimmel nail rescue as a base coat and some bright colours. You can’t beat Essex read or hot pink when you have a tan.

Eat the local food…The fruit is amazing… Chicken and rice for practically every meal with amazing veggies and more chilies, herbs and spices than I have ever seen in my life… it takes a few days for your stomach to get used to but once you do the not only is it good for you but a taste explosion. Staying away from western food is the best diet tip ever !

As a backpacker you walk so many miles a day and the local food is pretty healthy but I love to lift and managed to find a gym more or less everywhere I went…

One of my favourites is Koh Tao gym and fitness. Very modern with everything you need and just a short walk up the hill from 7-11. We paid 800THB for 5 days. They have a health food café there with protein shakes and pancakes if you are really needing a fitness boost.


My travel companions and I found loads of places to train. We even had our own private yoga studio in The Siam Reap Hostel where we used my Tabata training app to our full advantage. Tabata is a 4 minute work out that burns calories and increases your metabolism. You train to maximum capacity for 20 seconds and then rest for 10 seconds… My favorite exercises to use are squat jumps, tuck jumps and burpees. You do this eight times.

Eight times ? Four minutes ? Is that all ? Easy… You may think… Puuufffffttttt Try it ! And then try it the morning after two vodka redbull buckets and 4 hours sleep.

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