Chilling on Koh Lanta – My new favourite Thailand island

Koh Lanta Sunset Long Beach***BREAKING NEWS*** I have a tan. I may still look white to everyone else and sun bathing for more than 10 minutes is the dullest thing ever, but I am not transparent any more!

Plus we have had a bit of rain which has brought out my biggest fans. Mosquito They love me aggghhh. Apparently it is because I eat too much sugar? They like a high blood alcohol level? I don’t know, but with signs for Dengue fever everywhere, I am covering myself in every repellent I can find.


Up until now,Koh Tao has always been my favourite of the Southern islands of Thailand. Slowly though, over my visits there it has become more built up and crowded. Of course, with  the recent sad events of October 2014, when two backpackers were found murdered in the popular resort of Sairee beach, backpackers have been cautious about visiting Koh Tao and looking for a new chill out spot.

Well here it is guys: Long Beach, Koh Lanta.

Just a 1 hour boat ride from Koh Phi Phi or 3 hours drive from Krabi, this island is a small piece of hippy/traveller paradise. Beautiful beaches, laid back beach bars, and loads of restaurants and food stalls. Koh Lanta reminds me a bit of Pai, Northern Thailand, with its cool laid back vibe.

If you head towards the pier, the town of Saladan has an amazing walking market where you can get anything from food, t shirts, trainers and jewellery.

Not too laid back though… There is a party every night at various bars around long beach koh lanta tree house barLong Beach. The parties end usually at a beach bar with various DJs from all over  the place. They rival any beach party I have been too and I have been to quite a few in my time!

Long Beach is pretty cheap too. Our hostel was £3 a night and you can get Thai food for as little as £1. Get in my tummy Garlic and Chilli chicken with rice.

A great hostel to stay at is Chill Out house. A tree house run by very friendly staff, that will point you in the direction of everything you need. Parties. Cheap food. Even a gym. Koh Lanta Fitness centre is a basic gym just at the end of the street. You can pop in and work off the pancakes and Chang for £4 a session.

My friend Jack works at Time for Lime. A very well known cooking school on the island.  Not only because it was the first Thai cooking school on Koh Lanta, but also as the founder, Junie set up and donates all of her profits to the Lanta Animal Welfare (LAW).

Lanta animal welfareThis charity was established in 2005 and since then they have sterilised over 8000 animals.  Population control is the main way to treat the spread of disease amongst the stray animals of the island and because of this Koh Lanta is now rabies free.  LAW doesn’t only treat the animals, they also provide education on animal care to the people of Koh Lanta and the neighbouring islands.  The charity is run solely by volunteers, including the Vets and Vet nurses.

In 2013, LAW ran a mobile clinic on neighbouring islands, including Phi Phi, where they vaccinated and sterilised over 1000 stray animals and pets.

I visited the centre and cuddled all the animals. You can adopt them and fly them home but i thought my mum may go mad. I fell in love with Twister, a beautiful strippy kitten. Can we have him? Mummy please?

Lanta animal welfare cart

To find out more about this wonderful charity visit

On to the next island. 7 hours by bus and boat to Koh Lipe.

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Rachel May 30, 2015 at 10:00 am

Ah, thanks for mentioning LAW… I’m volunteering there at the moment – they do such great work. Koh Lanta is awesomely chilled in low season. I haven’t met any other 30 year old solo travellers yet but it’s good to know you guys are out there!!
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