Quick stop on the way to Malaysia – Koh Lipe

Koh Lipe beachWOW. Why have I not heard of this island before.

Koh Lipe is a small Thai island south of Koh Lanta and just to the west of Langkawi,Malaysia.

The sand is white and the sea is crystal clear. It is famous for its marine life andKoh Lipe bar, due to this,hosts a huge amount of scuba shops and schools. Sadly, I did not realise until too late that the GoPro is waterproof in the case it comes with. I was going to shop in Kuala Lumpur for one but I do not need to now. I am ridiculous.

So many Nemos and I did not use the camera, Grrrrr. Hopefully i will be able to get some good pictures in Bali. Maybe I should read the guide book and find out how to work it.

koh lipe view

Anyway back to Koh Lipe. After the 7 hour, £20 journey here (£20 is a lot of money to me these days), we were dropped by speed boat on a floating jetty. It is then THB70 to get a long tail boat to the shore. Another £1.50 ? Do they think I am made of money ?

Once we arrived on the beach,  and walked up the main ‘Walking street’ to ourKoh lipe walking street bungalow, we had already decided one night needed to be extended to two!

By day, you can lay on the beach, snorkle, scuba or take excusions and by night, eat BBQ, drink beers and cocktails in the various beach front Reggae bars. It is pretty chilled here. With a few bars staying open until 3pm you can party but it would be a crime to lay in hung over with a beach this beautiful.

Koh Lipe is not cheap, £30 a night for a bungalow. But you can eat and drink koh lipe catpretty cheaply on the island and it is definitely worth the trip. Maybe I should open a hostel here. Does anyone want to invest in my start up fund ?

On the other side of the island is Sunset beach. I didn’t look that far on the map so I thought I would walk. 30 minutes and a monsoon later I made it. Its pretty deserted and here are where all the super posh resorts are.

What is with this crazy rain? November to March is suppose to be dry season. Well it is not. I am currently sitting in a hut while the worst thunderstorm and monsoon rages outside. Its still 26 degrees though.

Only one thing for it. Become a crazy cat lady.

There are so many cats and dogs on this island. They all look a lot healthier than on the main land. Not sure I am going to trust that too much though as I do not fancy having to pay for some rabies jabs.

Hopefully the rain will stop for a BBQ on the beach later.

Off to a new country. Malaysia. My 9th country of 2014.

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