Stranded on an island – 10 days on Gili Trawangan – Things to do


We originally booked 3 nights on Gili T. After the first night we extended to 5. We then found out that the fast boat back to Bali, the one we had a return ticket for, had been stopped for a few days due to storms at sea causing huge waves. Oh well, paradise isn’t the worst place to get stuck for 10 days.

Just off the northwest coast of Lombok and an hour boat ride from Bali are the Gili Islands. Strikingly beautiful, amazing white sandy beaches and crystal clear waters. Gili Meno, the couples island, Gili Air, the chilled out island and of course, Gili Trawangan, the party island. Surprisingly my choice of destination. This island is not only beautiful but there is heaps to do.


Partying – Yes this island may be small but the parties definitely are not. Each
night a different bar stays open late. There is Tir Na Nog, an Irish bar, Suma Suma, a Reggae bar and Surf bar, where they hold an amazing full moon party to name just a few. The whole main road is lined with bars. Just ask any of the hostels or guest houses staffs and they will tell you where to party.

Snorkelling – rent a snorkel and just walk into the sea or take a boat trip around the other islands. I saw Nemos, eels, turtles and loads of other fish.

Scuba Diving – I did not dive here but it is pretty cheap. Not as cheap as Koh Tao but still a reasonable price.

Bike riding – I rented a bike for RP30,000 (£1.50) and cycled around the whole island (9KM). We stopped at various laces to eat and snorkel. The views were amazing. Gili T is up there on my top 5 most beautiful beaches.

GiliT ponies

Horse riding – I didn’t go horse riding as A) I got sick and B) I have two horses at home I can ride whenever I like and find myself wishing it was them and missing them when I ride abroad.  I did go to the stables on a few occasions and can vouch that the horses all looked very well cared for and happy. The man running the stables knew what he was doing. I saw him and his assistant, kindly and patiently training a cheeky 10 month old colt. I wish I had taken my camera that day as this was one very naughty baby.

Gili Trawangan poolAbsolutely nothing – That is right you do not have to do anything on this island. You can lay on the beach. You can chill in the bars. You can do absolutely nothing. It is a very chilled out place.

Eating – You name it, you can eat it on Gili T and it is amazing. Local Balinese food (There is also a cooking school here), Pizza from Italian chefs, BBQ of local seafood, home-made ice cream, a night market that sells ‘the greatest chicken satay of my life’ and much, ,much more.

Sadly I didn’t do as much as I would have hoped on Gili T due to picking up ansally Gili T beach
awful stomach bug. Yes I spent 3 days hugging a toilet seat whenever I ate or drank, and having a fever. We decided to move into a private bungalow for the same price as the hostel so I could access the toilet every 30 minutes throughout the night without waking everyone and having to walk up and down the stairs.

What is travelling without a bit of an upset stomach though? I am all better now and will enjoy catching up on my eating and drinking.

Both places we stayed were fabulous. Gili La Boheme, a French, chilled out hostel. The staff were great and it had everything we needed. WiFi, chill out room and free pancakes all day long. Coral Voice was a set of six private rooms i found one day by chance. It was clean and pretty fancy with Aircon and a private bathroom. I highly recommend both these places.


On arrival I expected Gili T to be like Koh Rong, but it is much more built up and westernised. There was a lot of building work going on while we were there, new guest houses and restaurants. You can tell Gili T is getting a lot more touristy every year, so get there quick people. You need to go now.

I will probably still be ‘stuck’ here!



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Agness January 13, 2015 at 8:59 am

This place’s so interesting and the pizza is served there omomomomom!!


sallymunt January 13, 2015 at 1:57 pm

YES, we found some AMAZING pizza for less than £3. The Pizza Place!


Marysia January 16, 2015 at 2:55 am

Did you visit Gili Air as well:)? We spend our Christmas on this one and oh boy, that was perfect! We chose to stay on Air because we heard it is a bit less party-place than Gili T, but better to go out than in Gili Meno;) Hope you enjoy your time in Indonesia, I see that you are in Ubud now, I recommend you to go for one of the long walks around, the rice fields and nature is so beautiful! Big hugs from Jakarta:)


sallymunt January 17, 2015 at 8:07 am

Ah sadly I missed Gili Air as I was ill but I have heard it is amazing. I love Ubud. I did get up at 2am to climb a volcano this morning so I am exhausted. I think i will head to the rice fields tomorrow :)


Justine January 27, 2015 at 11:55 am

Ha, I loved Gili T. I honestly didn’t know what to expect. I’d heard mixed reviews about it so my boyfriend and I only booked a few nights there…we ended up staying for two weeks! We would have stayed longer but we felt like we weren’t being adventurous enough! I hope to go back there while I’m living in Indonesia :)


sallymunt January 27, 2015 at 12:18 pm

It is beautiful. I worry it may be ruined in a few years though! Haha yes I panic I am being boring if I stay in a place too long!


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