Singapore – Clean, friendly and organised – Pretty OK for a city

It is no secret. I hate cities. Expensive, busy, rushed and dirty. After a day in London I need alcohol. A long weekend in Manhattan and I need a weeks holiday. Bangkok, mmm maybe a week maximum.

Maybe hate is a bit strong. I don’t hate cities but I would much rather be somewhere else. Somewhere the people are not always in a rush and stressed. Somewhere you don’t feel like a sardine in a tin when you walk down the street, somewhere you don’t risk your life every time you need to cross the road.

Cities do have some good qualities though. Everything is in one place, the food and atmosphere can be amazing and there can be so much to see and do.

Marina Bay sands Singapore

Marina Bay Sands Hotel. The top is an infinity pool and bar!

Well imagine all of the good things and none of the bad. I think I have found it. I think I have found the city I would choose to live it if I had to pick a city. Singapore.

Here is why:

Singapore is Clean – The streets and public areas are so clean. You could eat your dinner off them. I won’t, but you could. I wouldn’t recommend it so don’t. No chewing gum or eating or drinking on the subway. Talking of sub way. The metro subway system is the easiest I have ever used and it is cheap.

Singapore is friendly. Everybody I met was super happy and willing to help when I was lost or did not know what to order for dinner.

Singapore is Organised and well laid out. This city was built for trade. It is amazingly easy to get around and has everything you could ever need. It caters to professionals, families, old people and tourists.jurong-east-swimming

Singapore has Lots to do. Public pools and gyms for the bargain price of £1. Jurong east has an amazing pool complex with water slides, a lazy river and a wave pool. Singapore also boasts the worlds 3rd largest casino. Gambling was made legal in the country in 2010 and since then the industry as boomed. It has amazing shopping malls, cinemas, museums, amusement parks, a zoo and amazing nightlife.

Sadly Singapore, just like any city can be a little expensive. £9 for a box of tampons! £4 for an orange juice. £12 for a hostel dorm bed. You cannot stay here for long travelling. Luckily tough for the workers, the wages match the cost of living so the crazy nightlife, amazing shopping centres and beautiful apartments can be enjoyed.


This is definitely the city i would live in. Don’t worry, when you all come and visit me you are in for a treat. The airport is amazing. Television lounge areas. Sofas with plug sockets. Every restaurant and bar you can imagine and if you fanny a workout or a swim, it has pools, gyms and spas too. If you ever have a delayed flight, pray it is at Singapore Changi airport.


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Franca February 19, 2015 at 8:52 pm

I liked Singapore too, mainly for its interesting architecture (both new and old). But sometimes it felt a little too perfect for my taste, when I felt like that I just walked to the area where ‘Little India’ is, and soon it felt more real :)
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sallymunt February 20, 2015 at 2:02 pm

hhh I loved Little Indian! The food was AMAZING!


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