A backpacker party girl’s guide to Bangkok


It is no secret that I love a good party. I love to drink, dance and be merry like the best of them.  When I was at University we once  had 3 weeks where we went out every single night. We survived on very little sleep and the nightlife was so cheap. It was also readily available every night. As you get a little older, student nights no long interest you and you want to go somewhere you are not the oldest person in the club.  I do not want to go to a club full of 18 year olds. So my partying in England is limited to Fridays and Saturdays. With the prices being so high I can usually only afford one night a week maximum.

Well hello Bangkok. A city of so many clubs and bars that there are multiple to choose from each night and for very little money!

Backpackers do not have a lot of cash for a expensive night out. The thought of spending more than £10 in a night makes me feel sick! So after a lot of

£4.50 a bottle... Bargain!

£4.50 a bottle… Bargain!

necessary partying in the name of research, I found some amazing places to party, without breaking my budget!

Lets face it. It is all about the Pre Drinking. Get drunk cheaply before you go and you will not have to cry when the bar tender requests £5 for that beer you just bought (that is £1 in 7Eleven).

If you have been backpacking in Thailand and have not partied on Khao San road, hang your head in shame. Yes it is tacky and sleazy but it is as described in ‘The Beach’ ‘The backpacker epicentre of the world’, Khao San road can be pretty crazy but a lot of fun.

khao san road

Bars and market stalls like the street, along with cheap food stands selling the most amazing street for and of course deep fried bugs! this is te ideal place to spend your first night! I normally get drunk on two beers, dance ridiculously in the street, eat too much and am in bed by 12. It is always messy! You can take the girl out of Essex and all that!


However Bangkok is a HUGE place and it has many different places to party. The second most popular place for Backpackers is Route 66 on RCA (Royal Court Avenue). It cost about 100THB is a taxi from Khao San. It was 300THB (£6) to get in, but we got that back in drinks vouchers. The drinks are pretty pricey though so it was a good job I was drunk already. The club was packed by 12 midnight and stayed open until 3am. We did go on a Saturday but I have also ventured there on a Thursday and it is still reasonably busy.

Lots of the clubs in Bangkok have no cover charge and offer discount nights. Demo in Thong Lor is Free entrance on a Thursday and as an added bonus ladies drink free! This night escalated quickly from ‘a few drinks’ to ‘ Lets go skinny dipping in a roof top pool in a 5* hotel’.

Above Eleven sky bar is an amazing free entry sky bar on the 33rd floor of the Fraizer Suits, Sukhumvit on Soi 11. They have a strict, smart/casual dress code so no vest tops or flip flops for boys. The bar manager is French and used to work in a hotel in Essex so after impressing him with my ‘near perfect’ (in my opinion), French and reminiscing with him about Essex, I am a welcomed regular.

Above Eleven

Above Eleven

Another similar roof top bar is Ku De Ta in Silom, we had free entry and the view was AMAZING. This is a common hangout for rich Expats so there are a lot of people trying to be fancy and showing off with VIP and Champagne. The music and atmosphere is good though.

End of night snack, or as I like to call it... Breakfast!

End of night snack, or as I like to call it… Breakfast!

For something a bit fancier I tried a pool party. This happen most weekends at various 5* hotels. It is about 400THB to get in and a beer will set you back £5. I did try and smuggle some vodka in, contained in a water bottle. There was no fooling the bouncers though and they confiscated it. Meh, sober Sally for that party!

Dress code

Anywhere that is not Khao San Road has a dress code. Men are required to wear long trousers (Jeans are ok), Shoes (trainers are ok) and sleves, tshirts are fine but no vests.

Ladies can get away with a nice little dress. I was told no flip flops but I have no shoes, only flip flops and have got in every club I have tried with a basic bodycon dress, big hair, eyeliner and lip gloss. They are a lot stricter on the boys!

Age ID

The age for drinking in these bars and clubs is 20. They will ID you. Take your drivers license or ID car or a photo copy of your passport (do not take the real one or you will have more than a hangover to deal with the next day if the night gets crazy and you loose it).

There are a lot more places to go out in Bangkok but do not worry, I will make sure I visit them all and do extensive market research for you all!

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Lux Ganzon March 17, 2015 at 9:09 pm

I’d love to visit Bangkok sometime soon.
Thanks for this guide. :)
Lux Ganzon recently posted…The Perfect Dress For The Perfect GirlMy Profile


sallymunt sallymunt March 18, 2015 at 3:35 pm

You must. There is so much to do here!


Chris March 23, 2015 at 10:38 am

I’m actually gutted that I didn’t get to party at all while I was in Thailand. The (ex) girlfriend I was traveling with at the time was a bit of a party pooper, so I missed out on those iconic Phuket and Bangkok wild nights out.

Did manage to sneak in a sneaky ping pong show on Soi Cowboy, but it really didn’t live up to the hype.

I’ll bear these in mind for my October return!
Chris recently posted…Travel Blogging Crushes – 2015 EditionMy Profile


sallymunt sallymunt March 23, 2015 at 12:04 pm

That is the perfect excuse to return! Party research! Ahh Soi Cowboy! We did have a little look around haha!


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