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Lots of people told me not to go to Boracay as a backpacker. They told me it was expensive, crowded and touristy and I would not like it. Well all I have to say is they were wrong. I LOVE Boracay! Love it, love it, LOVE it! It is perfect…

Boracay Sunset Boat

They told me it was expensive.

Well on arrival three of us headed to Station 3 and found a room for PHP 1000 (£15) per night for all three of us. We also found dorms for PHP 350 (£5) a bed.


Happy hour cocktails and drinks for as little as PHP40 (£0.80) and happy hour runs from 2pm until 10pm in some places. That is a silly idea. I was in bed by 10pm some nights because of this.

We found places to eat for less than PHP100, Jasper’s near D Mall and Angkok to name a few! Large take away pizzas for less than £3, bananas for £0.20, street/beach food including sausages and chicken heads for £0.30. They love chicken heads and intestines over here. I do not!

Even massages are cheap. PHP350 for an hour. I limited myself to one. One in 16 days. I am proud of this achievement!

They told me it would be crowded.

Are you joking!? In station 3 I was the only person on the beach some days. Imagine having all this to yourself.


Sometimes the walkway along the beach could be a little crowded but if you avoid mid afternoon it is fine. This is a great excuse to have an afternoon nap.

They told me it was touristy.

Ok maybe some parts are. But a lot of the tourists here are other Filipinos or people of Filipino descendant. Yes they do sell a few tacky Tshirts and every other stall sells a selfie stick but a lot of places are run buy local people, serving local food.

Where the party at!?

On our first night we went for food and a walk about 9pm and it was full of holiday makers and families having dinner. Erm, everyone has been promising me a good party. What is going on?

Boracay white Beach

It was 9pm though. What was I thinking!? At 11pm station 2 is completely different. The bars were full. Not so packed you can not move full. Full of live music and cool DJs full. Full of people chatting at the bar and dancing on the dance floor full. Now this is my kind of party.

Some places charged an entrance fee but you all know I am too tight to pay that! There are plenty of great places that are free. A Rhum and pineapple juice in my favourite bar, Bamboo Bungalows, cost less than £1.

We all know it is about the pre gaming. A bottle of Boracay Rum for two of us cost £2. It got me well into dancing mode and lasted two nights.

Of course I needed 40 PHP (£0.80) for my way home snack… Sausage on a stick.


But Boracay can definitely be a cheap place to have a backpacker party. Once the bars at station 2 shut, around 2pm, you can move up to station 1 to carry on or, in my case, get your sausage and go home (Don’t be rude, I really mean pork sausage on a stick).

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Rachel June 8, 2015 at 7:40 am

You did great in Boracay! I think what they’re saying is water activities in Boracay are expensive! like parasailing costs $50 for 15min. might as well enjoy it and say goodbye to your $50 from up above! :D


sallymunt sallymunt June 8, 2015 at 8:41 pm

Yes although I like to be cheap, some things are worth splashing out on!


Adrenaline Romance June 23, 2015 at 7:56 pm

Boracay is not on our list of travel priorities. But you did really well in your research; you stayed in a place that is reminiscent of old Boracay which was serene, quiet, and uncrowded. Hmmm….we should check out Station 3.


Couplertw September 1, 2015 at 6:32 pm

This is definitely a place where I will be for at least 2 weeks in our gay year!
Thank you for sharing


Paul Fournier September 26, 2015 at 1:13 pm

Ha, fun article sally, you’re so right. Some people tell others not to go to Boracay Island because “this and that”, and this has been of the many reads for me where someone who has gotten that advise finds it untrue. That’s always good to my ears :)

About the nightlife, you’re totally right saying “It was 9pm though. What was I thinking!?” hehe :)

The nightlife only begins to come alive around 9-10 PM. I actually wrote a super epic guide about Boracay’s nightlife (I’ll send it to your email so you can have a look if you like).


Paul Fournier recently posted…10 Reasons To Make Boracay Island Your Next Holiday DestinationMy Profile


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