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So I have been home in the UK for two months. It is not that bad.  I have caught up with loads of people, started back at work, ridden ponies and hung out with my fur kids. The weather has not been too bad either. But it isn’t travelling. It feels a bit mundane and average at times. With this in mind I decided to ask some fellow travel bloggers how they dealt with this situation. What advice could they give me to make this transition easier!?

A huge thank you to everyone for their tips.

Friends, Food and Further travel

‘No easy task when you travel long term and get back to your base after a few months on the road, I found that catching up with friends – over a few beers – and family – over a few cups of coffee – works wonders. Instantly your can feel you belong there again as if no time had gone by.

Secondly, I need tons and tons of sleep and get used to the food again. But that is the easiest, Galicia (my homeland in Spain) has one of the best cuisines in the world.

Finally, when socializing, resting and eating have been taken care of, it is time to start planning further adventures and publishing about what was experienced in the last ones. A busy person has no time for post travel blues!’

- Inma A World to Travel

If you base looks like this, going back feels like a trip to paradise!

If you base looks like this, going back feels like a trip to paradise!


Explore your own land

‘Each time I return from a journey I’m excited to see my friends and family, to be in my apartment surrounded with all of my personal stuff. Then after a week I am longing for new adventures and discovering new territories.

Many years ago my husband and I figured out the best way to satisfy that urge, is to use your spare time to
go and explore.

In Denmark we have more or less 400 Island, a lot of festivals, spectacular coastlines, historical places,
outdoor art projects and a lot of other great stuff to see. So with husband, family and friends we have used
countless of weekends and short holidays getting to know our own country. I also believe it’s important to
know where you come from, when you are traveling the world.

If you don’t have the time or money to leave for a couple of days, get to know your city.’

- Kirsten K. Kester Globetrotter in a Wheelchair

With friends in Rørvig, Denmark

With friends in Rørvig, Denmark


Bring the happiness home

‘One thing travel has taught me, is that with the right ingredients happiness can be found almost anywhere. Granted it is not always easy to return a life of routine and inflexibility, where you have outgrown your old surroundings and feel extreme dissonance with those around you… but personally I take these moments as an opportunity to look inside myself and say, okay, what can I do to improve my happiness?

Something that always pulls me out of a funk is to go for a long run or cycle somewhere beautiful. Somewhere away from the crowds, away from the life I no longer fit into. Somewhere it is just me, the healing embrace of nature, my music, and my soaring endorphins. This time alone is an almost meditative state for me, where I focus only on good energy and remind myself that wherever I go, I am there by choice, I am there for a reason, and I am learning something new about myself.

This is more than just a romantic notion of being at one with the self and with earth however; there is the science of exercise at play here. When you exercise, your body releases ‘happy hormones’ much similar to those released when learning something new, trying new experiences, meeting new people or… quite literally… similar to the rush you might get from travel.

For me, it is the simple act of going. Of moving. Of pushing myself through the woods, or up a hill, or across a muddy field. Of progressing. And as those endorphins hit me, and as I see the beauty in my local British countryside, I know I am the mistress of my own fate and that I determine my own happiness.’

- Mel Elderfield If You Wanna Go Just Go

(I can be a bicycle w****r anywhere in the world... even Basingstoke)

(I can be a bicycle w****r anywhere in the world… even Basingstoke)

Remember your trip

- Patty Berwald American in Tuscany has these great tips to share:

Edit and retouch your favorite photos asap upon arrival home. Make a slide show.
Have a glass of wine with a view, on the beach… somewhere out in the fresh air once a day.
Meditate with visual mantras focusing on your favorite sites, sounds, tastes and places from your recent travels.
Cook recipes that emulate food you discovered, loved and indulged in while traveling.
Blog or Facebook with people you met along the way.
Make a list you will not lose of your favorite restaurants, museums, shops… any place or experience you would share with friends.
Plan your next trip now, if not sooner, even if its a while down the road.
Make a theme party based on your favorite travel theme for all your friends.
Reunion with travel companions when possible to share memories.


Embrace being home

‘Even as long-term travelers who make a career of sleeping in tents and hostels, we can’t deny that we love going home. There’s a comfort in knowing that, no matter how many miles we’ve gone or how long it has been, there’s a consistent familiarity to return to. But, as I’m sure we can all agree, the end of an epic trip sucks and going home is still never easy. Readjusting and acclimating back into the “real” world, so to speak, is tough, as each trip leaves its indelible mark, and we’re never quite the same as when we left. So what’s our strategy to cope? For us, taking a few days to relax and depressurize from the “travel shock,” before throwing ourselves back into a routine, works wonders. We also make certain to power up the laptop the first chance we get to record all the collected moments and experiences while still fresh in our memories. We find that the act of writing and reflection is incredibly cathartic and makes the transition from being on the road, to suddenly being home, all the easier.’

- Carey Leo Blaze Your Adventure


Are there any more amazing tips we have missed?

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