Lessons learned from travelling Part One


‘TRAVEL… It leaves you speechless and then turns you into a STORYTELLER’. I have a lot of stories too tell, so many! I will be keeping everyone amused at the old peoples home I assure you! Of course every story comes with a lesson. Every trip has taught me something, good or bad. I asked some of my fellow travel bloggers what lessons they had learn on the road. Good, Bad or just crazy… Here you go!

Christian at Unusual Traveler backs up something I tell everyone…

There’s No Reason to Plan too Much

There’s nothing wrong doing some planning, but it’s very easy to make plan and schedule. I shake my head when people tell me they are planning to spend X amount of time in a certain city or countries. You have no idea if you will love or hate the place if you have never been there before. First time I went to Singapore, I had planned to only spend 2 days there, but ended for 10 days and I have been back there a lot of times after.

Here are some awesome tips from Tara over at Where is Tara


Pretty much anything important can fit in your bra.

This served me well in South America. At one point I had a camera, purse, passport AND phone in there. Though I do have big boobs. hah.

Travel towels are a waste of money, they ain’t drying NO ONE. You’d dry quicker if you spun around in circles naked. Oh they’re compact? Well they’re still a waste of space if they don’t actually FUNCTION.

ALWAYS leave more time than you could possibly need between connecting flights.

NEVER get a connecting flight via Paris CDG (the buses between terminals take forever & there’s usually a strike). I have both missed and nearly missed a flight for both of these reasons, even with plenty of time between flights. Bring one of those multi socket extension cords from your home country. It means you’ll only need one adapter wherever you go and you’ll always be able to plug in all your gadgets.


When you’re old and grey you’ll want to remember this. Oh and no matter how long you’re gone, when you get home, it will almost always feel as if you’ve never been gone. Which will terrify and confuse you for quite some time

Cristina at 100 Places 100 Kisses enforces one of my favourite sayings

What doesn’t kill us makes us stronger


When I started my long trip through Asia, the second country I visited was Nepal. It was love at first sight, although I faced unknown things like: no electricity, dusty streets, cows living in the middle of the roads, delicious momos, and heart-warming and welcoming people. Very soon Kathmandu, where I stayed and volunteered, catched my heart to never let it go. So time flew and when April 25th 2015 came, I was in the front row for the earthquake that destroyed the country and shocked the world. Far away from getting hysteric, me and all friends had the exigence to help. We went out cleaning streets form the collapsed houses and temples, and helped to give out essentials like drinking water.
My inner need to travel brought me to Nepal, and there it learned me to stay strong. To love. To give me heart away. It showed me that we are ONE human family. That we have to take over responsibility. That we are stronger together. Yes, it learned me what is really important. And I am very thankful.


Aussie on the Road Chris, has learnt a very important and helpful lesson

How to avoid hangovers

I know a lot of people claim this, but I can count on two hands the number of hangovers I’ve had in the last five years, and it’s all come down to a simple system that I’ve refined over many years of 2-5 night a week drinking as an ESL teacher in China and South Korea.

The process?

1. Taper off. As the night winds towards its conclusion, I tend to slow my drinking pace down some. I don’t need 4am shots. I’m already having a good time.

2. Eat! Once the festivities are done, find the greasiest, most carb rich meal you can and eat it. Whether it’s a plate of dodgy dumplings in a Chinese back alley or a cheeky McDonalds meal – the greasier, the better.

3. Hydrate. This one really goes without saying. You need something other than alcohol in your system. Water is the obvious choice, but I’ve found Powerade/Gatorade work too.

4. Sober Up. This is the key to my success. You can’t go to bed drunk. I don’t care if you’ve got work in the morning – you need to stay away for 1-3 hours so that you don’t go to bed with bed spins.

It seems simple, but it really works. I’ve been doing this for years now and I’m able to keep my hangovers to one or two a year. And those are always on the nights when I crash before I’ve had the chance to sober up some.

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And to finish of part one… One of my favourite lessons from Viktoria at Chronic Wanderlust

True friends are found while travelling

Some say that your best friends are those you spend the most time with. I can’t disagree more. Some of the friends I value and love most are those that I have travelled with. Spending time planning a trip, maybe even having an argument about a certain place, getting through airport security together, sitting on those always too tight plane seats, … sipping sangria in a local bar, getting to know new customs and new people, … Those memories are pure gold for friendships, of course there are friendships that ended because of travelling together, but isn’t it more of a crucial and necessary test?!

“Do you remember that one time in Mexico when I took that Divemaster course and you volunteered to be my student?” “Do you remember that coffee place in Spain next to our hostel?” “Do you still know when my wallet got stolen, I cried and you comforted me?!”

Travelling makes true friendships. Those that are made to last for a lifetime!


Plenty more lessons to come from some more fabulous travel bloggers… What lessons have you learned??

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