About Sally

Hi I’m Sally, I’m a 25 year old (plus 6) with the most distinctive Essex accent ever, you may mock but it makes me friends and strikes up conversations wherever  I go.

I had six years working 50+ hour weeks in sales. In January 2014 enough was enough and I handed in my notice and booked a flight to Thailand… ALONE.

Yes I was petrified. Yes I cried and yes there were a few drunk moments December 2013 where I wasn’t going. But on that rainy new years day I took my ridiculously over sized and over packed backpack and I got on that plane and off I went…

So far I have been to 26 countries and there are a lot more on the list! Join me on my adventures around the world. Seeking out parties, gyms and cute animals where ever I go.

I am here to encourage, inspire and show you how and where to travel, regardless off you budget or bravery levels.

If a crazy, cat loving, party girl from Essex can do it. You can too!